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SEO content volume

Almost everyone knows that SEO optimization of website texts is a very effective and useful tool for promotion, and no one doubts its effectiveness. But, like any tool, it works most productively in the hands of a wizard who takes into account all the nuances, including the optimal length of SEO text.

This indicator is no less important than the correct filling with keywords, usefulness, and uniqueness. Only the optimal combination of these factors will make SEO text able to bring your website to the top positions in search engine results.

Sometimes blank pages are found on sites – this is entirely unacceptable, and they must be either deleted or filled. Each page must have user-friendly and attractive content for search engines. Blank pages do not carry any information, and people are not interested and search engines.

What should be the SEO text to satisfy everyone and fulfill their mission in the highest quality:

  • Unique to at least 95%. Rewriting with some changes, and even more so copying the content you like, is unacceptable;
  • Useful. You must give your visitors complete information, and warn the maximum of questions that arise;
  • Keywords should not exceed the permissible norm, but search engines will not appreciate too few of them. You need to adhere to the optimal frequency of keywords.
  • Properly structured. Headings and subheadings, paragraphs, lists, figures, tables – all this will facilitate easy reading and delay users on the page;
  • The optimal length is determined in each case individually.
  • To understand how much text should be on each page of the site, we dwell on this in more detail.

How to determine the optimal volume for SEO texts

As we already said, the right amount of characters for SEO texts is an individual concept for each page. If product cards are correctly ranked with a short text, then more aspects may be needed to promote other pages.

It is possible to determine the optimal length only by performing an analysis of the texts of competitors who lead in the issuance.

How to do it:

  • Highlight the target keywords for this page.
  • Find the TOP 10 competing sites for these queries. Be sure to do this in incognito mode in your browser through a priority search engine (Yandex or Google).
  • Determine the arithmetic mean of the total number of characters. To do this, add the characteristics of all texts together and divide the resulting amount by 10 (In Excel or Google Sheets, you can use the AVERAGE function). This will be the optimal length that you should be guided by.

Optimal text length for SEO promotion

Content much shorter than competitors will reduce your chances of promotion.
You can give more detailed information but in volume no more than 500 characters without spaces longer than that of competitors.
But there are no rules from which there would be no exceptions. So, in this case – sometimes the best solution for website promotion can be significant volume SEO texts. Consider these cases.

In what cases and what are useful for promoting long SEO texts on site pages

If you feel that you can’t keep within the allotted framework in any way, since you have a lot of interesting information for users, it makes sense to write long SEO texts. But such content will be useful for promotion only if you have something to say, and you can present it correctly and fascinatingly.

Only exciting and filled with useful information from beginning to end-users will read with pleasure. At the same time, one should not forget about its proper structuring, uniqueness, and optimization to the needs of search engines.

What will the long-length SEO text posted on the website page give you:

  • Users are more likely to share voluminous exciting content on social networks;
  • The detailed and accessible information stated remains relevant for a more extended period;
  • If a topic in a long SEO text is disclosed and covered from all sides and supplemented with appropriate diagrams, tables, images or infographics, users will not need to leave the page in search of additional information. This will increase their interest and, accordingly, their position in extradition.
  • Given the features of each page of the site, and determining the optimal amount of content for it, you can significantly increase its value for users and search engines. Therefore, do not forget to analyze competitors, but keep the identity of your site.