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Secrets to setting up and using Google Alerts effectively

A detailed answer to the question about what Google Alerts is, every site owner who wants to independently optimize his resource for search engine promotion wants to know. At the same time, it is important not only to understand how Google Alerts functions but also how to effectively use this service. But first things first.

Google alerts – what is it and what is it used for

Google Alerts is a special service whose main task is to find material according to a person’s search queries. As soon as fresh materials appear at the user’s request, an email is immediately sent to him. Few people know about the existence of this service, despite the fact that it was launched by Google back in 2003. You can use this service for SEO or content marketing.

Google Alerts should be used for at least the following reasons:

  • the service is absolutely free;
  • all required settings are carried out very quickly;
  • the service can be used to supplement other applications.


Before you understand how Google Alerts works, you need to clearly define your personal goals. It is important to be aware of what you want from this service. For example, this could be the following goals:


  • Search for good blogs where you can post your content;
  • the opportunity to find out what news online resources tell about your company;
  • the ability to analyze negative opinions about your brand and immediately respond to them;
  • Getting information about the latest changes in your area, which will help keep the content of your site up to date.

It should be understood that in Google Alerts you can’t set up receiving results from social networks. Another tool will be needed here. It is still not possible to obtain statistical information and analytical reports. For the base campaign, this is considered the norm. However, if you want to know how often certain data increases, you will have to use a different service.

How to set up Google Alerts

Understanding how to use Google Alerts is pretty straightforward. You need to perform just a few simple steps:


  1. Go to the service at google.com/alerts . It is advisable to do this with the Google account that you intend to apply.
    Decide on the keywords and enter one of them in the input field.
  2. Let them know how often you want to receive alerts from Google Alerts. From the proposed list, select sources.
    Specify the language.
  3. Specify the data collection region.
  4. Tell us what results you are interested in (all or the best).
  5. Enter your email.
  6. Click Create Alert.

Next, an email will be sent to your email address. You need to open it and click on the link contained in it to confirm your intention to start tracking updates on sites through Google Alerts.


If necessary, the parameters of the alerts created in Google Alerts can be changed using the “Edit” button.

When you figure out how to set up Google Alerts, it’s important not to start making the most common mistakes that web business owners make:

  1. Too many keywords (it’s wiser to select a few really important queries);
  2. ignoring the limit of requests – 1000 per user;
  3. no attention is paid to generalized alerts (it is important to focus not only on the brand itself).

Ways to use Google Alerts to grow your business

Google Alerts alerts are of great help in business development. The main thing here is to use the capabilities of the service as competently as possible. To do this, you need to study the list of types of alerts that you can create and use:

Brand analysis. Thanks to this, it will be possible to find new ideas in your chosen places. It will also turn out to find reviews for a personal online resource, form a community of fans, find out what users are saying about the brand. To create such an alert, you must enter the brand name or your name in the line.

Monitoring competitors. You should know what the rest of the market participants are doing. You can set up Google Alerts alerts for their keywords. It will be possible to analyze, for example, such moments as new posts, positive and negative opinions, fresh links.

To obtain the described results, you can use the queries compiled according to the schemes:

{Competitor’s website URL} + {competitor’s brand name}
“I think” + {competitor’s brand name}
“Who tried” + {competitor’s brand name}
Quickly clear spam comments. An Internet resource with a large amount of spam on it will definitely not be in the TOP. Fortunately, understanding how to set up Google Alerts, it will be possible to control all unnatural manipulations on the site.

To do this, use the following types of queries:

site: {URL of your site} advertising requests OR requests for prohibited topics left by visitors in the comments.
Analysis of thematic issues. Perhaps you want to know which areas are most popular now, or what special has happened in your area. You can be the first to answer these and many other questions. So you become an expert, earn a reputation. Be sure to create alerts on topics that are revealed in the materials of your site.
Determining the quality level of content. It is clear that you post good materials on the site. But it is important that this is clearly not only for you. Having made the notification settings, you can find out how visitors relate to the content you posted – the pages that they like most will be in the TOP of the issue. You can set the filter to the best results and at the same time analyze all the results completely. Leave only the best.
Knowing what Google Alerts is and how to properly configure this service, you can provide fresh opportunities for users. The promotion tools, in this case, are guest posts and comments. They should be used in order to attract visitors to other Internet resources by creating alerts for such requests:

“Write for us” + {your important keyword}
“Create a guest post” + {your important keyword}
“Exchange of posts” + {your important keyword}


Fresh directions. Weekly, you can find new ideas in your personal e-mail inbox if you set up alerts of the following type in Google Alerts:

Local content control. It is important to analyze the situation in your locality. So you can instantly find people or companies that work in the city where you live. This will also allow you to follow local news. To do this, use queries that include phrases like:

Access to unique offers and discounts. Thanks to tracking updates on sites through Google Alerts, you can timely learn about sales, coupons, bonuses.
If you set up Google Alerts correctly, you can always find new venues for public speaking. Have a desire to tell something to a certain number of people? Monitor open venues for speeches, analyze places where you can tell about your personal brand, make a speech using alerts with key phrases of this type:

“Looking for speakers for the seminar” {your area of

“Tell our guests” about {your area of ​​activity}
Using the information you just learned about what Google Alerts is and how you can use the capabilities of this service, you can easily and absolutely free find many things to improve your site that most of your competitors are not even aware of.