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IT technologies have evolved in recent years, and if previously the internet was viewed as an endless source of information, now almost every company has a website. Nowadays, many people are aware of what SEO is, and even unknown people have search engines to find answers to their queries. At the same time, some sites are in the top row for certain keywords, while others are left behind. Seo is a service that puts the site on the first page according to search results. SEO is a struggle for high positions in search engines.

What is included in SEOLAB’s SEO service?

Adding your site to page 1 is a step-by-step process, and SEO services include:

Technical audit of the site

Technical audits are often referred to as SEO specialist checklists. In this case, technical errors that prevent the site from promoting the site are identified.

Preparation of keywords

This is one of the most important stages. At this stage, keywords for site promotion through SEO service are identified, grouped, and divided into pages. Properly selected keywords determine the company’s future success.

Works with keywords include:

  • Identifying site themes and keywords that users use to find your service and product.
  • Selection of keywords in the selected directions
  • Choosing the appropriate keywords for each page
  • Checking your site on keyword search engines

Writing new content

Content is all information added to a site that may encourage visitors to visit your site. Content updating should be done regularly, otherwise, your resources will gradually fall to the top position in search engine rankings.

Content should fit the site’s theme, keywords, and promotional goals.


The linking process is one of the most important stages of the SEO service provided. If done properly, this will significantly increase the weight of the pages being promoted, improve the site, and increase sales and sales.

Improvement of site structure

Depending on the features of your site, optimization of the structure can be both necessary and useless. The structure of a site determines its indexing, positioning and behavioral factors. In this case, improvement is one of the criteria for the effectiveness of the entire campaign. While reviewing site structure, SEO service professionals can make recommendations to improve the site structure, if necessary.

On-page seo optimization

The reasons that prevent SEO campaigns are eliminated, technical and content optimization is taking place, and new content is posted on the site.

Off-page seo optimization

Just as the development of the new site is not possible without internal optimization, it is not possible without external optimization. Because search engines work with external references. These references mainly determine the site’s popularity and ratings.

Monitoring of keywords.

After part of the SEO campaign, the site is currently being analyzed and the dynamics of participation are being evaluated. According to the information obtained, a new SEO campaign strategy is being developed.

Why does your site need SEO services?

The possibilities of the Internet are expanding every year. New technologies, online payments, and internet banking have made the World Wide Web a powerful marketing tool.

SEO is an invaluable help for any company whose potential customers are looking for the most profitable offerings over the internet. At the expense of the Internet audience, businessmen can earn high profits. If they do not pay attention in time, they will donate their profits to their competitors. To avoid this, it is important to keep potential customers on the front page in search engines. The Seo service allows you to do this.

Why is it important to be on the first page in search engines?

The presence on the first page can be shown for at least two reasons:

1) Trust, Respect, Authority.

If your site is on the first page of search results, it will make a good impression on the customer. The higher your web site in search engines, the more likely you are to choose your company for cooperation.

We can say that the dominant position of the web resource is the success, consistency, and respect of the company represented.

2) Involves a large number of clients.

Sites that rank high in search engine results attract 95% of users, with only 2% of users reaching the fourth page of search results. Therefore, the high position of the site is an opportunity for SEO to maximize traffic.

Which sites need seo service in the first place?

Today, SEO is a must for almost all sites: corporate blogs, thematic portals, news sites, and online stores. Of course, on the condition that the site owner wants his product or business to be recognized on the Internet.

Seo is primarily relevant to commercial organizations that perceive their site as advertising. At the same time, the main advantage of such an advertising campaign is its relatively low cost, with fairly high efficiency. Like any other ad, SEO can also increase customer flow and significantly increase sales and stimulate asset sales.

Due to the growing competition, SEO service is a necessary measure. SEO allows you to fully realize the potential of your website and use it for commercial purposes.

The actual deadline for the SEO service to appear

It takes about 3 months to see the initial results of the Seo service. The specific time is determined by the level of competition for each keyword and the competition on the topics presented directly. The following factors have a significant impact on time indicators:

age of the site, ie the criteria for the search engines to rely on the web site;
the density of results, ie the number of sites on this subject;
quality and quantity of content posted on the site, which generally requires adjustments and additions;
search engine algorithms,
The obstacles that Seo promotes, for example, technical errors on the site, slow the indexing of the site by search engines;
The rate at which a site’s search results reach the TOP is largely regulated by search engines, so it can change both up and down. SEOLAB Studio, in its turn, is making every effort to get our customers faster than expected.

The benefits of SEO service you should know

The benefits of Seo do not end with the fact that the website’s results are on the front page and the customer flow. Of course, our main job as a SEOLAB web studio is the visible side of the benefits of SEO by ensuring that the customer’s website is in a high position by keywords and providing customer flow.

However, other major benefits of SEO are:

  • strengthening the positive image of the company;
  • an opportunity for offline business development;
  • establishment of a stable customer base and launch of a srafan radio mechanism;

From the above, it can be concluded that the lack of optimization is bad for your site. Ignoring promotion through SEO is an unacceptable mistake in today’s business environment. Let your company grow! Visit the SEOLAB web studio to help you with your site’s SEO issues.

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