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The main differences between PPC and SEO

The issue is relevant for many entrepreneurs, so we decided to briefly describe the main differences between PPC and SEO.

The advantages of Pay Per Click  over SEO

It works faster. You can get your first orders right after the launch of the campaign, unlike SEO, which will take you several weeks to one year to wait for the results.

Easier to control. Search engine algorithms are unpredictable, you never know when to wait for a fall in positions and traffic. PPC also contains unpleasant updates, but, nevertheless, you have much more control over advertising campaigns than over positions in organic SERPs.

It offers more features. Banner advertising, product listing ads, video ads, and text ads on affiliate sites are all offered in contextual advertising, but not in SEO.

It’s easier to find a specialist. Although PPC has many subtleties, it is many times easier than search engine optimization.

Disadvantages of PPC  over SEO

In the long run, SEO optimization is often more profitable.
Some users deliberately skip advertisements and go straight to organic delivery. If your site is not there, these users will never go to your site.
If the subject is competitive, and the budget is small, it is better to invest it in SEO. So you get a small but stable traffic flow, which will be more profitable than constantly paying for contextual advertising.


If you need fast results, choose PPC.

If you have a big enough budget, combine context and SEO.

If you don’t have a budget for everything and you can wait, choose SEO.