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How to Speed up WordPress

It is difficult to count on good attendance of the site if its pages are long loaded. Gone are the days when downloading a single image took minutes and video was rocking for hours. Today’s user is spoilt with dedicated fiber-optic cables and wants the Internet to “fly”. So you should check the speed of loading pages of the site. You can do this with various programs and services online.

So, if you have checked the speed of loading pages of the site and the results were not good, it is time to take action. Today we will talk to you about ways to speed up your site on WordPress. To speed up your site, you will have to clean up all the “brakes” that slow it down. Let’s look into the main problem areas.

Reducing the number of plugins to speed WordPress

Plug-ins are well-known performance retarders. Of course, it is difficult to do without them at all, but you should try to reduce their number to the minimum possible. Take a good look at the list of plugins on the site and disable those without which you can do without.

By disabling the temporary, rare and unnecessary plug-ins, you will notice how fast the performance is literally growing before your eyes. Plugin Performance Profiler”, which monitors the load of plugins and their impact on the speed of the site, will help you cope with this task. After checking the “brakes” we disable, replacing them with a code or more “light” plugins.

Using caching

The more visitors use the page at the same time, the more requests the server must process. The power of the server is not infinite, and the growth of requests inevitably leads to slower page loading.

Fix the situation allows caching tools, for example, with the plugin “WP Super Cache”, which saves as a cache part of the information, it does not have to download from the server every time. Full loading occurs only the first time you visit a page.

Image Optimization

Optimization of site images – a topic worthy of a separate article. Note that all uploaded images should be compressed, which will speed up their subsequent viewing by the user. You should strive to ensure that the images on the page were not “heavier” 100 KB. The easiest way to optimize all images on your site is to use the OptiPic.io service, which works in automatic mode, finds and compresses all images. Connecting the site will only take a couple of minutes.

Clean the images in the editor itself WordPress, because not all uploaded images are eventually used. Go to the “Media files” section, click on the drop-down menu and select “Not Attached”. It remains to click on “Filter” and find out which images are not in use. We ruthlessly remove the extra load.

Cleaning history, revisions to speedup WordPress website

WordPress makes revisions to records every time they are edited. Backups are certainly good and useful, but you shouldn’t abuse them either, as each backup takes up precious memory and therefore affects the speed of the site. You can read about how to disable revisions in WordPress here.

The “Revision Diet” plugin allows you to set the number of stored reserves, removing the oldest ones automatically when this number is exceeded. The plugin also allows you to disable revisions by setting the parameter to zero in the settings.

Useful hints
We only looked at the main ways to speed up your WordPress site. And in conclusion – a few more useful tips:

1. Optimize your site with the “Optimize DB” plugin – just do it a couple of times a month. Do not forget to turn off the program the rest of the time.

2. Compress style file – “CSS Compress” plugin. However, many users complain that after using the plugin text “moves out”, so do not forget to make a copy in advance.

3. do not neglect the protection against spammers, which are able to score a site in a short time “tons” of garbage comments. We recommend using the “Akismet” plugin for this.

4. The start page is the face of the site, here lags and “brakes” are not allowed. Speed up the start page by reducing the number of announcements on it to 7-8 pieces.

And of course, our advice is unlikely to be useful if the platform of your site is a slow hosting. Choosing a good hosting for your site – a topic that should be given attention separately. Apply the knowledge gained in practice, and the result will not take long to wait. Of course in our SEO service WordPress optimization is included.