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How to choose domain for website

A domain is a unique website address on the Internet, consisting of levels. These levels look like words that are separated by dots.

The right side of the domain is called the first-level domain. It shows the country or topic to which the domain belongs. The .ru zone combines web resources for Russian-speaking people, the .spb.ru zone belongs to the websites of companies operating in St. Petersburg.

The domain name is called a second-level domain. Ideally, the name evokes associations with the activity and brand of the organization, sets the idea of ​​the subject of the web resource. For example, sales-generator.ru.

A subdomain is a third-level domain. It is commonly used for large Internet resources. This subsection is created when registering in a zone such as .spb.ru or when domain owners make a hosting subdomain. In the latter case, this happens when dividing the web resources of one company on a regional basis or when you want to separate the main site from the forum and technical support. Examples of third-level domains are ads.company.com, pr.site.com.

Choosing a domain for a site is carried out seriously and responsibly for several reasons:

  • The user first sees the domain name. If the domain selection is correct, then the site is easy to remember, so that later it can be easily found on the Internet. Of course, a person will quickly recognize the goods of the brand that is offered on the web resource. A simple domain name is easier to enter in the search bar, so users will find the site quickly.
  • The domain, its name and domain zone are directly related to the quality promotion of the web resource. The trademark and key phrases from the domain name work for search results and the place of the web resource in it. Sites with the .com zone for Russian users will be higher in the SERPs than sites from the .ua zone. Common zones like .net, .com, .org and others have the same conditions with .ru in ranking.
  • If suddenly the domain turns out to be inappropriate, then replacing it in the future with another is hardly possible without loss. The fact is that during the use it receives a certain reputation in the search engines, which affects the place of the web resource in the search results. Therefore, you should immediately make the right choice, so that then you do not change or transfer anything.


Where to start choosing a domain for a site

Web resources are created for different purposes. And the choice of domain is also carried out differently, in accordance with the goal. Let us describe the most frequently created types of sites to which domains are selected.

1. Website of the company, project, brand name

This type aims to familiarize the buyer with information about the product, services, terms of purchase and delivery, the location of the organization and more. For such web resources, the domain selection is based on the name of the company, so that it is quickly remembered and found. If the company is new, the name is not invented, then you should start with the name of the organization, and not vice versa.

Domains of firms of this type have the following ways of forming names:

  • full name, for example, book.com, fooddelivery.com, ;
  • the abbreviated name, for example, povsport.;
  • the abbreviation, for example, abc.com;
  • name with regional affiliation, for example, applerepairsanhose.com

2. Landing for the sale of goods

A landing page is a selling page that is designed specifically to collect traffic. The domain name does not play a big role here. But you should take into account the promotion in the search by keywords and choose the name in accordance with the product that is offered on the landing.

In general, in conditions of high competition on the Internet, the domain name of the landing page can be any.

3. Portfolio, personal business card website

This type of web resource is developed by small businesses, individuals, freelancers to talk about their activities and services.

The domain name, in this case, should be associated with the name of the author, you can use the surname if it is simple, or with the name of the activity, project, service. This choice is optimal also because the author himself is easier to remember, then it will be easier to find. Examples – chakon.org, kurpatov.ru

4. Blog, content project, online store

The domain for such web resources should be easy to write, pronounce and remember.

The choice of domain for the site here is carried out according to different principles:

selection by surname and name of the author of the project ;
selection by project name – acomics.ru (a site about author’s comics);
industry selection – tennise.ru (tennis store);
selection by keyword – ogorodlegko.ru (site for gardeners).

The key to choosing the right domain name is its meaning, how customers will use it, and, of course, the correctly set goal of the web resource functioning. You must not forget about SEO also.