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All these changes can have a negative impact on the search engine and the position of your site.

About this it is important to remember those sites that receive traffic thanks to pictures and thoughtfully approach the names of the pictures themselves and the addresses of these pictures on the site. Otherwise, you risk one day simply not getting visits from Google Images.

This question about images has been asked recently to John Muller, a representative of Google.

The question sounded as follows: “Our online store will be recycled and, accordingly, the technical component of the site will change. This redesign will affect all corners of the images. Can Google know that the new url will correspond to the same image as it was? Or will it not understand this and we will sink into the issue? Should we set up redirects from old image addresses to new ones?”

John Mueller said yes to the last question. According to him, any change in the address of the picture will pull the new indexing and redirection, even if the image itself did not change visually at all and even remained on the same page as before.

The representative of Google also said that updating the index of the site pictures takes quite a long time, as the pictures themselves often weigh more than the traditional pages of the site with the text and the priority of their scanning is lower, so the time period of their indexing will increase.

In this case will save, as always, redirects. Thanks to them, the search engine will receive a signal where to move on, plus the weight and drawdown of positions will be virtually insensible if you do it all in one step.

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