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Google Core Update May 2020

The launch of the new algorithm was launched on May 4, Google representative Denia Sullivan told Twitter.

Later today,  we are releasing a broad core algorith update. It is called May 2020 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we have covered before.


May 2020 Google Core Update is rolling out right now. As usual, this type of updates will take about one or two weeks to fully deploy.

It will take about two weeks to fully deploy the May algorithm. Such large algorithm changes often take quite a long time and the current update is no exception.

The May update of the basic algorithm, which is how May 2020 Core Update decodes it, is already the second extensive update of the Google search engine. Previously, this update was conducted in January 2020 and also had an impact on output. This update is launched simultaneously for all countries and all languages.

The May update lets us know that Google is working on improving its search engine output every time, keeping up with the times. Given the Coronavirus pandemic and the increasing interest in the topic, Google tries to answer questions related to COVID-19, ways to protect against the virus, so starting in March, we could already see more news and medical sites even in related queries.

Changes in demand have a direct impact on output, which makes adjustments to the algorithms.

Is there any need to be afraid of this algorithm? Definitely, yes. Specialists who work on sites should understand that the positions of the site will not be the same. Changes in the algorithm system indicate the relevance of content to the needs of Internet users.

In theory, if you have been constantly working on your site since January 2020, adding interesting articles, information, new products, making video reviews, then Google will raise you in the issue, if you thought that once implemented changes will work and now, it will not work that way.

May 2020 Core Update focuses on the website content and evaluates it by its criteria.

However, even if you have made all these improvements on the site, and the positions have fallen, do not worry – the update has just started and can still change in two weeks. The main thing is not to be discouraged and do not give up. The site, which is constantly evolving, will always be in demand by users. After two weeks, the issue should calm down and then it will be clear what to focus on in the first place.

Updating Google algorithm during COVID-19
Probably, it was not by accident that Google implemented the update in the midst of quarantine restrictions and the global coronavirus pandemic. Definitely, the shift of demand into one theme has affected the revision of algorithms. Google began to show on the first place those sites that are more useful and needed at this period. Plus, everyone saw that Google has placed on its site all sorts of data about coronavirus, increased the graph of knowledge and expanded snippet of questions and answers.

Most of the traffic during the pandemic are pharmacy sites, blogs about COVID-19, news. It is clear that during a pandemic one needs information about the disease and such sites. Frequent visits, the large amount of time that users spend on the site, a sharp positive leap in behavioral factors – all this changes the output quite quickly.

We can see a shift in demand priorities in real time, both positive and negative.

If the sites of pharmacies and medical institutions are now experiencing a peak in terms of attendance, such areas as tourism, air travel, travel, hotel sites and in general the theme of rest is also experiencing a peak, but it is negative. In the era of coronavirus and bans demand has fallen to the maximum, which affected the traffic, which led to a decrease in positions and reduced the relevance of the topic to a minimum. Even taxi and trucking sites have felt a shift of emphasis, as such directions have lost their relevance to ordinary users.

Given these factors, Google couldn’t help but react. And it reacted with the new May 2020 Core Update.

Many factors are now becoming more and more relevant, which was not previously important for search engines. Logically, areas such as tourism, airline tickets, hotel reservations and so on have begun to sag in the issue, not only because Google does not consider them relevant, but also because for a long time people no longer give them priority. Now in 2020 Google faces a really unique challenge. Searching has to take into account how much has changed user behavior in terms of information search. Some time after the release of the update, we will understand how much the output algorithms have changed and exactly how the virus has affected this area.

What should we do?
Therefore, in this situation, we once again recommend strengthening the steps to develop the site.

If you have an online bookstore, in the promotion of such an online store is to add content that will be relevant today.

If you have an online bookstore, in the promotion of such an online store should add content that will be relevant to today’s realities, such as an article with a list of books that are worth reading during quarantine.

If you have a tourism site, then make video reviews, panoramic reviews of recreational areas – good, video and photo should be. Not being able to visit such a place of rest, the visitor will look at it, get acquainted with it and maybe record himself a visit to this place after quarantine, adding such a review, and, accordingly, your site in bookmarks, which is taken into account by Google.

If you have a clothing site, make an overview of what stars wear during coronavirus and how to protect themselves from infection.

The main thing – develop and improve the site, even if the position after a new update you are not happy.