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Errors of beginners in WordPress

As you know, WordPress system is optimized for SEO and is easy to manage. However, there are a few errors that many newcomers make when working with this CMS.

1. changing the permanent links
Persistent links should not be edited, otherwise the URLs of published posts will be changed. Therefore, search engines will not be able to find your publications because they have indexed the old permanent link. Visitors who visit your site through the search engine will be taken to a page with a 404 error message.

2. Forget about updates
In WordPress, with all its plugins and design themes, it is difficult to keep track of all the updates that the site needs. Especially if everything works smoothly on your site. But updates do not only add new functionality. They also fix bugs and security problems.

3. Install too many plug-ins
A large number of plug-ins can reduce the speed of the site. So think carefully before installing a new plugin. But one plugin can also spoil the whole site. Install only tested and quality extensions for WordPress.

4. Do not create a child theme when making changes
You found a new design theme, installed it and it works fine. But after a while, you realize that you want to change the e. Before you can change your theme, you must create a child theme and make changes to it. This way, you will not lose the changes you have made when you update your parent theme again. By the way, there is a plugin that will do this for you.

5. Wrong removal of content
Search engines have indexed your site, so remote content will display the infamous 404 pages: the page is not found. Make sure you delete pages on your site correctly.

6. Do not remove the default content
When installed, WordPress creates a “Page Sample” and “Hello World” post. Make sure that you have deleted the sample from the page menu and the “Hello World” post from the post menu.

Instead of a conclusion.
Don’t make those mistakes. These are the most common mistakes made by newcomers to WordPress. Make sure you don’t make these mistakes, and then you will have a good website on WordPress.