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2020 SEO Trends – A List of Key Indicators Affecting Website Development

Website Quality Index

WQI is an indicator that causes a lot of controversies. Many consider it to be one that does not reflect reality as a quality assessment of the site and recommend actively not to become attached to it. This indicator is influenced by traffic, and the more it is, the better for promotion on the Internet, there is an increase in positions.

This is a kind of cycle, positions affect traffic, traffic to positions, WQI is growing, or in the bad case, it is not growing. We all are well aware that Google is pure commerce that aims to increase revenue by gradually driving sites into paid advertising. By prioritizing the site’s quality index, sales of paid traffic are growing in the first place. WQI has long been questioned by independent sources, although denying it entirely is stupid.

Deep semantics and page count

The indicator is significant, it can be safely put above the site quality index. It works on the principle: the more cards, information pages, filters on the site, the higher its position. Large, full aggregators crowd out small sites. By the way, about aggregators, we previously wrote a very extended article, which indicated many exciting things. If you want to improve the indicator, then adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Instead of removing the card with the missing product or withdrawn from sale, marked with the sign “the product is not in stock,” “out of stock.”
  • Add more different filters to search for a specific product: color, price, category, brand.
  • Analyze competitors, check the number of pages on their website. Your task is to get around competitors, offer customers more.

Use special programs for analysis, and avoid spam; otherwise, the situation will turn against you.

Key queries and links

Entries (words) of a request in links to a site are essential in both search engines, occurrences in links to URLs are predominantly on Google. If you create text under Google, then the link should lead to the page that needs to be promoted. Yandex algorithms look at this indicator generally, focusing on relevant pages.

Individual studies were conducted to understand how much the links in the text are needed.

Research results indicate that links continue to work; their effectiveness is not falling. They are ineffective only if they are not appropriate. How to understand if your site needs links? Of course, you need to see your competitors using the SimilarWeb service or any other. Only competitive sites rate by overall visibility. Look at what your main differences are how you are similar. If 80% of the sites have links, you need to increase the link mass. Otherwise, see other options that unite you with leading competitors.

Attention! Do not buy too expensive links. Not always, a link that costs 100 $ will give a dizzying effect. Pay attention to those who have a broader coverage of high-frequency queries. They are more productive, especially in the initial stages of building. Use social networks to dilute the link profile; they are cheaper than other sites, have a broad target audience.

Visit the link periodically to ensure that the content remains the same. The webmaster can relink your article and others with similar topics. It’s best to keep the link in a single copy.

Site Visits

If you want to be in the TOP, make sure that the traffic to the site is maximum. It isn’t very easy for beginners to get out, to beat competitors. Sites that top ratings for quite some time have enough daily visits. Today, many advertising and Internet marketing tools work contextual advertising, advertising on social networks, mailing by email, etc.

They are assessing the quality of sites in priority, the following criteria: the number of pages, visits, and the amount of traffic. Of course, it is impossible to bring these parameters to the maximum for beginners in a short time. Do not exclude other opportunities to get into the TOP. Be sure to work on the quality of the target audience, referral sources, number of views, referrals from social networks, mail, etc.

If you can raise secondary indicators, the most important will increase automatically. Yandex and Google are so arranged; the rating, in this case, is a relative concept.

Requirements for filling the assortment of the site

As mentioned above, “page count” is a critical indicator. For online stores, websites specializing in the provision of services and other pages, compliance with this rule will help break into the TOP-10. Fill the site; add information. For example, there is a studio site for permanent makeup, create cards with:

  • eyebrow architecture;
  • staining;
  • overlapping old tattoo;
  • refreshment;
  • laser removal;
  • pigment removal using a remover;
  • determination of color type and selection of pigment;
  • training;
  • advanced training of masters;
  • question answer;
  • Feedback
  • preparation for competitions, etc.

Naturally, each section is a new page, the more there will be, the better for the site.

What other criteria influence the promotion

In addition to the above parameters, pay attention to direct clicks on the links, mailing by e-mail, the percentage of people who left the page immediately after the transition. Despite the fact that all parameters are interconnected, a slight deviation of any of them can signal a problem: competitors are becoming stronger, you make little effort, etc. Do not expect instant results; indexing is not the result of one day of work, you need to always “keep a hand on the pulse,” study the work of other sites.

To summarize

Having made the right conclusions, you can save time and money on promoting your site in search engines. As in previous years, in 2020, the increase in link mass remains relevant. Keep track of the quality of traffic sources. There are so many ways to quickly, effectively enhance it. Organization of a contest with gifts, advertising with a blogger-influencer, has not lost its relevance.
Be careful, frequently gives with gifts can play a trick on you, you will get a dead audience that is not interested in your product, service – they want money and prizes from you. Get on the air more often, have a light time.

  • Missing goods from the window do not remove! We study competitors, try to get around them by the number of pages – this applies not only to online stores.
  • Text quality is one of the essential parameters. An excellent semantic core, word density, identifying the right clusters – three pillars, without which your site will never be in the TOP.
  • The more marketing tools you use, the better, this applies to all e-commerce industries. Expand your target audience, work in several cities. If this is a product, consider the possibility of shipping by transport companies, organize pick-up points. If you provide services, attract partners, open branches.
  • Service should be top-notch. Your customers should know that it’s easy to communicate with you. The hotline, the ability to order a callback, online chat, contact details – all this should be yours. Organize promotions with discounts, implement a loyalty system.

Develop accounts on social networks, post reviews, certificates, diplomas, and any documentation confirming your competence in them. This will build trust with the target audience. Conduct live broadcasts, give online consultations, you can do reviews. The social network is an easy and simple way to promote yourself, your business.