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15 signs that your site needs optimization

Business owners who are going to sell their services or products through the site often lose sight of the need for optimization – they either don’t know about it,
or forget.

SEO is not only the addition of keywords to texts (which, if incorrectly applied, can make them completely unattractive to read and be regarded by search engines for trying to increase the popularity of the site artificially), but an obligatory stage of promotion, including work to improve navigation and site content. If the site is not optimized, most likely it can be found only by scrolling through a few pages of results.

These 15 signs will help determine if your site needs optimization.

1) The absence of a 301 redirect to the primary mirror of the site

This means that the main page of your site is available immediately at several addresses: www.site.ru, site.ru, site.ru/index.php, www.site.com/index.php. As a result, other pages of the site are also accessible at several addresses and are in the Yandex and Google index. Moreover, they are full takes, as they contain the same content.

It is necessary to configure 301 redirects from all take in the .htaccess file.

2) Missing sitemap.xml file

Sitemap sitemap.xml is a file with information for search robots that helps determine the location and importance of pages. If this file does not exist on your server, the robot will index the pages anyway, and they will be searched. But thanks to the map, the robot will not miss essential pages.

It is necessary to generate a site map and place it in the root directory.

3) Missing or incomplete robots.txt file

robots.txt – and instruction file that tells the search which pages do not need to be indexed and added to the search. It is necessary so that there are no “garbage”, technical or duplicate pages in the index of search engines.

You must create a robots.txt file and place it in the root directory.

It is necessary to configure 301 redirects from all take in the .htaccess file.

4) 404 pages configured incorrectly

If missing pages do not have a template and give the code 200, then they are indexed by search engines. This is fraught with the fact that there will be many “garbage” pages in the output.

There are other signs of an incorrect 404-page setup:

Non-existent pages have/do not have a template and give 301 redirects to the main page. It would be more correct than these pages provide the code 404.
Non-existent pages have/do not have a template and give the code 404, but some CMS has a bug in which when adding to the address of the *** page we get the code 200, but in fact, this page does not exist. This bug contributes to the generation of takes in the issuance, which negatively affects the ranking of the site.

You must correctly configure the server responses.


5) Meta tags and headers not optimized

If the meta tags and site headers are not optimized, you should optimize them for keywords relevant to your site.

The main problems and solutions:

Title uninformative, short. It is necessary to rewrite them, making them unique, informative, taking into account key phrases on promoted pages (for product cards, they can be generated using a pre-written template).
The description is missing from all pages. It is necessary to write and place them, taking into account key phrases on promoted pages (for product cards, they can be generated according to a pre-written template).

6) Missing h1 header

In the absence of h1 headers on all or part of the pages of the site, you must write and configure the output of the H1 header.

7) Few pages

If the site has few pages – this is also a minus. It is necessary to create an information section or a blog in which to post useful and interesting articles about the service, methods, news, etc. This will expand the semantics of the site, increase the content mass and attract additional traffic.

8) Non-unique texts

Less important pages of a site (for example, news pages) may have non-unique text, but all landing pages (categories, services, main page) must contain high-quality, unique texts. You need to check everything for uniqueness and rewrite low-quality and non-unique texts.

9) Images have empty alt attributes or don’t have them at all.

The Alt attribute is required to give search engines full image information. This is an alternative text that should reflect the subject of the article.

If the alt attributes of all images are not filled, then they should be filled.

10) Pagination Pages Missing Canonical URLs

If the pages of pagination, filters, sorting do not contain a canonical page, duplicates appear in the index of the search engine, as well as a lot of “garbage” pages that compete on the targeted queries with the landing pages.

You must configure the rel = “canonical” tag for all pages of pagination, filters, sorting, for example, for the page xxx the canonical will be yyy.

11) Incomplete contact information

Sometimes the sites contain a minimum of contact information, for example, only a phone number.

It is necessary to post as much information as possible on the site for communication. For example, an online store should have several alternative ways to communicate, including phone and email. Contacts must be real, complete and properly executed on the page.

The following errors may also occur:

– product pages have low photos
quality / resolution;
– no delivery information;
– no payment information;
– there are no characteristics and product descriptions;
– no reviews;
– no availability information.

12) Lack of an online consultant
If there is no online consultant on the site, then you need to add it, since this type of communication can increase the number of orders and make the audience more loyal.
13) Lack of real photos

It is not recommended to use stock photos or photos downloaded from the network. It is better to use unique images that are directly related to the site and business. For some subjects, besides photos, it is necessary to place certificates and licenses.

14) Lack of prices for goods and services

Be sure to specify the prices of goods or services, as this is an essential commercial factor. Sites without costs have more bounce rates than sites with prices.

15)A sharp drop in site traffic

If your site previously had good traffic but fell sharply at some point, this is a sure sign that it’s time to connect an SEO specialist to work with the site. Perhaps this is due to sanctions, probably due to errors in the work or site optimization. The specialist will analyze the problem and find a solution.